The Sustainable Development Agency

The Sustainable Development Agency

The Sustainable Development Agency is a private research organization, approved by the French Ministry of Research, and recognized by the French State of public interest.

Our scientific approach addresses the challenges of climate change in a neutral and independent way and without any ideological bias. The technology resulting from our research must allow businesses, especially industrial companies to quickly modify their products, in order to offer buyers a high level of guaranties on health and social and environmental impacts.

ALMOE is today a key player in environmental research. Our scientific and technological research focuses on 3 major themes;      

Sustainable City

Research for urban planning and bioclimatic construction has evolved in small steps in recent years, choosing expensive and sometimes ineffective routes, in terms of pollution management, environmental impact of buildings, comfort and health security of users, and adaptation to changing climatic conditions.

Materials Engineering

ALMOE, direct partner of the main French public research laboratories, develops fundamental and experimental research projects to develop the materials of tomorrow. Namely, innovations free from any component harmful to health and biodiversity. Heavy research work which mobilizes 21 researchers from the Sustainable Development Agency, who will be able to propose credible, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable alternative solutions within 2 to 5 years. A green technology of purely scientific origin which does not respond to the vagaries of the markets but to the real needs of manufacturers and their buyers, on concrete bases, verified and validated.

Health and Biodiversity

Sustainable research is based on scientific and technological fundamentals, which will bring even more precious goods than those in which we will participate, namely better living conditions with the preservation of our health and respect for our environment with all the richness of its biodiversity. , essential to our ecosystem.

The French State authorizes our private research organization to receive generous donations from individuals who wish to support sustainable research, and likewise for private companies and foundations who can provide us with financial support.

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