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The energy challenge underlying a fundamental change in the process of design and construction of buildings to come. Future generations of buildings no longer have much to do with those designed, manufactured, built and operated today. Consideration of sustainable development in housing is a major challenge well beyond the controversies on ecology and energy poverty.
ALMOE promotes research in green building for environmental quality and users comfort.

GREENAOS® is the generic brand new sustainable housing concepts promoted by ALMOE. Processes and systems are designed to meet the environmental challenges including energy.
The materials used, the quality of envelopes, ease of use, and many other criteria of technical performance and environmental quality participate in these new sustainable habitats.

GREENAOS® offers a range of sustainable habitats, detached house with landscaped REZ D’WOOD® and REZ D’GREEN® habitats, materials and manufacturing processes both virtuous and economic.

Green buildings S2P are built from a very innovative structure made on certified wood and machined in France. The construction process S2P can significantly improve the acoustic performance of buildings and energy. The post system structure S2P tray has a capacity of variable floor to meet the objectives of inertia and thermal and sound insulation project. The industrial design of S2P admits many spatial configurations and corresponds to G+6 levels in most programs of buildings regardless of the intended use and the architectural bias.

Manufacturing and construction sector in dry buildings S2P greatly reduces delivery of construction programs, spending their embodied energy, with a very low environmental impact.

S2P buildings pave the way for a new generation of environmental and economic buildings.

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