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Innovative, ALMOE acts as a resource center to find future products , systems and processes that could benefit professionals planning, living environment and habitat . Our cooperative scientific organization and aims to significantly improve the lives of users and future generations while preserving the environment and natural resources.

Studies R & D agency ALMOE involve a large social and environmental dimension.

Several inventions, new processes and systems, were filed with the INPI (the French national institute of intellectual property), including ecological one original concept of landscape habitat; Habitats REZ D’GREEN ®.

In partnership with public research laboratories and in collaboration with major manufacturers, our research continued over several years. Research interests include improving habitat, with studies on the energy performance, on building envelopes, on new materials... We also work on research and analysis to improve the quality of life involving high ecological and landscape elements to be involved, and further improvement of territories, with contributions in urban sociology dimension.

R & D agency ALMOE and particularly the work of responsible innovation are funded in order to preserve the neutrality and independence of researchers from our research organization.
Beyond the essential R & D public support, our body uses the special gift for individuals subject to the personal income tax as well as environmental corporate sponsorship.

Study participants with faculty regularly report their work research through publications that we relay or courses in universities and high colleges or through debates and conferences which ALMOE involved.

  ALMOE is keen to convey knowledge and promote eco-friendly and advanced technologies.

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