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The ALMOE agency , is a neutral and independent organization, dedicated to R & D and environmental and ecological studies , founded in 2006 as a limited liability cooperative statutes to engineers and architects by: Dorothy Pitcher - plant biologist engineer- Gilles Rousseau - dplg planner and architect , Jean- Jacques Renaud - dplg designer and architect, Marek Pankowski - chemical doctor-engineer , Marie- Hélène Monier - dplg architect , Patrick Lacroix – design and project manager, Philippe Schiesser - eco engineer , René Groneau - thermal and fluids engineer , and Yves -Marie Allain - dplg environmental and landscape engineer. " .

The nine founders come from very different backgrounds: education and research, engineering, construction and architecture, planning and urban sociology. They pooled their knowledge, essential to the development of multidisciplinary studies that Sustainable Development is so specific.

ALMOE agency is an organization of resources, a high level of environmental and ecological expertise, which cooperate thirty experienced consultants with many of our specialists Referrers are recognized by the entire professionals for the quality of their work.

At each of the missions entrusted to us, the dedicated team consists of experienced professionals (average 30 years) involved in addressing environmental and ecological challenges.

ALMOE involved upstream to downstream and theoretical studies in previous studies or application. The Agency’s Sustainable Development ® works with major clients: businesses, national operators, public authorities, foundations and institutions, and the states.

Our mission AMO DD mainly consists of assisting companies and outsourcers public in their sustainable development for responsible innovation, eco-design, environmental assessment, social rating, environmental incentives and ecological forecasting.

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